Visit From One Of Our First Teachers

An excellent occasion occurred this morning when Mrs Heather Williams, a veteran educator, visited our school. Fifty-four years ago, she taught at Port Hedland School of the Air, just four years after the school opened in 1964.

Today, she returned with her spouse, Mr Allan Williams, to revisit our school. It was a marvellous time. She shared a lot of knowledge about her years working here. For example, students used radio equipment for their lessons with their teachers in those times. She was amazed by the variety and sophistication of our current educational tools for all our students.

While living at Port Hedland, she didn’t have a fan or cooling system when she lived here in the 1960s, so her summertime was beyond unpleasant. We cannot imagine how unpleasant that could be. Heather and Allan met in Port Hedland; since then, they have been married for 55 years and are living in Tenterfield, NSW.

We enjoyed giving this tour and listening to your anecdotes Heather; hoping you both have fun, too, as much as we did.

Have many adventures in the rest of your trip around Australia, and thank you for stopping by and reconnecting with your school community.

Mr Jennings with Mrs and Mr Williams at the front of school.
Mr Jennings with Mrs and Mr Williams inside the