Online Lessons

Our teachers develop their lessons via the Zoom platform. They are encouraged to use games, videos and other interactive activities. Staff can also use interactive whiteboards to engage students beyond the traditional classroom setting. One of the most significant benefits of using zoom is that it allows teachers to create a customized learning experience for each student.

Learners receive a comprehensive education through speaking, listening and practising different skills. Instead of a traditional lecture, they can create a discussion through zoom. Students with varying styles of learning and skill levels can all be targeted with other activities.

Each class are expected to follow directions during the course, maintain eye contact with their teachers, and respond to questions, assignments, and suggestions politely and respectfully.

We also conduct a meeting each morning entitled ‘Morning Muster’. This is a short 15-minute session conducted by the principal where students discuss school-related topics. These conversations are an excellent way for students to communicate with everybody at school, discuss news and topical events, read books, and convey messages and information essential to running the school.

Student Individual Conferencing

In addition to online class sessions, students also participate in individual conferences focussing on specific strengths and weaknesses. This helps ensure that students receive the most effective and personalized learning experience possible.