Port Hedland School of the Air seeks to empower students to develop independence and resilience in a diverse learning environment. Through an inclusive and collaborative approach to educational growth, we facilitate a culture of high expectations while creating contemporary opportunities for students to become life-long learners.


Our purpose is to ensure that geographically isolated students attending our school develop the knowledge, skills and values which enable them to achieve their potential and contribute generously to society.


Achievement – Striving to do your personal best and fulfilling your potential.

Respect – For others, ourselves and our environment.

Responsibility – Being accountable for actions towards ourselves, others, the environment and the community.

Pride – Showing pride in your school and yourself by your actions. Showing belief, care and respect for ourselves and others.

Resilience – Our students manage their emotions, know their strengths and weaknesses, are resourceful, reach out to others and actively problem-solve.

Fair Go – Pursue and protect the common good where everyone is treated equitably.