With Parents and home tutors.

Parents or home tutors can communicate with the student’s teacher by phone, email or video conference. If the parent or the home tutor needs the teacher’s direct telephone line, it can be given by calling the school.

Parents or home tutors need to reply to telephone calls or check and reply to their emails as soon as possible to support planned classes and learning programmes to achieve the purpose of the learning session.

If, by any circumstance, the student can not attend class, the school needs to be informed.

With the Students

Teachers communicate daily with their students through ZOOM, a computer-based conferencing system. This system provides high-quality voice clarity and a range of tools that enhance lesson presentation, e.g. chat and whiteboard. Please be aware internet connection could be affected by weather conditions such as rain, cloud cover and strong wind.

Besides, the school provides students with internet and email access.

Teachers visit their students during the year; these visits could be more than one and depend on how the students develop their potential. To do this, they travel through isolated areas using 4WD vehicles equipped with satellite phones so that contact can be kept with the school. Charter flights are also operated to visit students when deemed appropriate.

PHSOTA Teachers were visiting their students.