Adequate resourcing of students and families is extremely important in our context. Everyone needs the correct materials required to learn.

Maintenance costs are very expensive and worse still, any repairs needed mean that you or any other student without that resource for a lengthy period


 Some of the resources the school provides are:

  • Notebook (Laptop):

The notebook supplied by the school comes with Windows 10. All computers are loaded with Office and other software to improve the child learning this app can be found in the desktop if the notebook. Internet and email are also provided by the Department of Education. Clear is satellite-based, therefore families are supplied with an installed satellite dish and modem dedicated to this purpose. If you are having technical difficulties ring Clear on 1300 855 215.

  • Email:

All staff and students across the school have an email available from the Department of Education. In many cases, this is being used very regularly by students and their tutors. We recommend the use of this email because in some circumstances online resources are only available with the education domain ( Unfortunately, other domains ( / / will not have access to all the online resources.

 If you don’t remember your child’s education email (, please contact us, by email or telephone.

  • Software:

Most software has a copyright licence and that licence specifies the number of computers we can use that particular set of software on. Please do not install school software on other computers, lend it to others or copy it to keep when you return the software to the school.

  • Sports Kit: 

The school has developed a Physical Education program that is suitable for use across our school community. A Physical Education file and a sports kit that contains much valuable equipment are supplied to enable students to develop their skills in this area. 

If for any reason you did not receive one of these kits, please contact the school, so one can be organised for you. Each kit is worth a considerable amount of money. Therefore families are requested to ensure that the equipment is properly stored and used appropriately.

  • Maths Box: 

Mathematics kits created at student levels. This includes different tools that will help to understand better mathematics. Families can make use of these materials at any time.

  • Library:

The school’s library contains a wide variety of books, which are available for loan. After the initial set of books are sent to students, staff will send out books to their students, as they receive back those previously borrowed. If you have a specific request, eg. a particular series of novels or interest area, please contact the school.

Families also can check our collection in our online library

  • Games Boxes:

Large plastic tubs have been filled with games and puzzles for junior students to use. These are available for students in Kindergarten, Pre Primary and Year 1. Due to the size of these boxes, we generally ask that you either pick them up when you are in town or request for one to be delivered during a teacher visit. Please swap your old box for the new box, rather than keeping the two, otherwise, we will run short for other families. 

Tutors are required to check the contents of the box when it arrives and ensure that it is complete when it is returned or let us know if something gets broken.

Jigsaw, puzzles, etc need to be individually checked to ensure that all pieces are present. Please tape a note to the box informing the school of any damage or loss, so that the box contents can be reviewed before it is sent out again.

  • Table Games:

Any family can request it and these have to be returned with all the pieces. Please tape a note to the box informing the school of any damage or loss, so that can be reviewed before it is sent out again.

  • Stationary Kit:

 Provided at the beginning of the year.

  • Art Kit:

Provided at the beginning of the year. This includes paint, brushes and a palette. If you need more paint or any other items, please contact the school.

  • Music Box:

Music instruments are included in this box for use in classes on Fridays and for making music at other times.

  • Others:

If there is any special request the school is capable of fulfilling, it will eg. telescopes, coding robots, iPads etc. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.